While running your membership, our systems may capture a variety of information over time, to enhance and provide our services.

Your personal profile is hidden from view, however can be updated to ensure our teams have the most up to date information for you, should we need to get in contact.


  1. Login to your Malgra Network Account - https://account.malgra.net
  2. From the top menu, select 'Your Account' and 'View your profile'


Updating your information (email, contact number of password)

The first part of your profile includes details of your address (for any postal orders, or for card payment verification), your contact number* and the ability to update your password.

Additionally, any messages from the Malgra team, or any wider announcements, will appear in this section. Select the relevant option to update your information. 

*Mobile number: During 2021, we will be implementing 'two-factor implementation' for certain members which may require verification using a mobile device. You can prepare for this change by providing your mobile number in advance. Any information is held in line with our privacy policy.


Updating your Membership Information

You'll find a section which confirms details of your membership - you can update your payment details or manage your membership in this section.

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Updating your Consultant Information

The Consultant Information section provides details of your status with Slimming World. This includes your Consultant Number, start date, end date, number of groups and Team Developer status.

Information held here is used for our Cloud Spreadsheets system, internal support ticket logging, and also for our Making Tax Digital system.

To update your information, click the relevant button