Details of sub processors used by Malgra Limited for processing and handling membership and customer/client data

Sub-processors are third-party businesses which are used on behalf of Malgra Limited for the purpose of processing data (where our systems do not have the facility or it would be cost effective to employ a separate organisation).

Under the GDPR, these companies are accountable for protection of an individual’s personal information and data.

As such, the below sub-processors are used to assist in providing services, as described within the Malgra network terms or service, or similar agreements and published legal statements.

Service ProviderPurposeData Centre LocationAffected Services
MicrosoftMicrosoft Azure Cloud provides the backbone of our service, running our cloud spreadsheets and download capabilities of files and services.Cambridge,
Freshworks Technologies UK Ltd

(Until 20/09/20)
Freshworks power our Helpdesk and CRM software, allowing our teams to access information on customer, member or client queries and answer these through a cloud platform serviceLondon,
AkismetAkismet is a spam filtering service that filters spam from comments, trackbacks, and contact form messages. The filter works by combining information about spam captured on all participating sites, and then using those spam rules to block future
TwilioTwilio provides our SMS messaging system, used for customer dispatch
SendInBlueEmail Service Provider – managed mail servers are provided by SendInBlue. Emails that are triggered programmatically from the applications are sent via SendInBlue.Belgium (Google – until 30 Nov 2020)
Ireland (AWS – from 1 Dec 2020)
Google Cloud PlatformSecondary (backup) cloud provider for documents held on the MalgraBooks systemLondon,
FreeAgentFreeAgent provides invoicing software for our MalgraBooks Client servicesKent,
Stripe IncStripe provides payment processing solutions for our products and servicesEEA (until 31 Dec 2020)Ireland (from 1 Jan 2021)
GoCardlessGoCardless provides direct debit payment solutions for our MalgraBooks

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