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What happens when I downgrade my account (or it expires / is cancelled)?

If you hold a Malgra Plus account, and your membership is cancelled or expired, you will automatically change to a ‘Malgra Free account’. From the date of this change, you’ll lose access to any features or services provided as part of Malgra Plus.

Subscriptions to Malgra Plus run annually from the date when you joined as a Malgra Plus member. For example, if you joined on 3 September 2019, your membership would run until 2 September 2020.

Should you decide to cancel or downgrade during the year, your account would continue as a Malgra Plus member until the renewal date of your subscription, when you would change automatically to a Free Account.

Cloud Spreadsheets (and services)

If you have used our Cloud Spreadsheets, or any services as part of Malgra Plus, access after the expiry of your account will cease. You will need to re-subscribe to Malgra Plus account to continue receiving these benefits.

To ensure you keep your data, please download your information before the expiry of your membership.

Cloud Spreadsheets will be retained for a period of 30 calendar days before deletion, after the expiry of your Malgra Plus subscription, and we’ll be unable to restore any data after this date.

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