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Zero Tolerance Policy

One of our core values is to ‘treat others as you would like to be treated – with respect and understanding’.

Malgra Limited has a ‘zero tolerance’ policy to address any situation of aggression, threatening language or unacceptable behaviour directed towards our employees, partners, contractors and sub-contractors.

This includes any situation through any form of communication, such as social media channels, websites, emails and chat. Verbal aggression is the use of any inappropriate words which causes alarm, distress and/or could be described as harassment.

Should such issues occur, any access to Malgra services will cease, and no refunds will be provided for any services purchased in line with our standard Terms and Conditions. The respective individual(s) will be banned from our network, and no further services, advice or support will be offered.

Note: MalgraBooks Clients should review their Letter of Engagement for specific terms and conditions for their services.

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